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Lauren "NoVote" Boebert Attempts to Silence Critics

Little known Republican United States House Candidate Lauren Boebert (Colo.) is learning a valuable lesson in Colorado anti-SLAPP litigation after her failed attempt to silence critic and editor of Feeling Cute Newz, self-proclaimed "candidate for everything" Joseph A. Camp.

Embedded in the electoral process, Camp has gone full fledge candidate for United States President, United States Senate, and United States House of Representatives with the stated intent of exposing the "stupid processes, policies, office holders and candidates". He doesn't just lampoon gun touting right wing lunatics like Boebert, but instead "no stupid authority figure is off the table" according to Camp's Campaign website.

Sadly, the single issue candidate Boebert doesn't have much comprehension or educated staff around her to understand issues beyond her radical positions on the Second Amendment and her seemingly hatred of Mexicans and shot her shot when she fa…

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