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YourDaddyJoey's Separation From Epik Products Effective Immediately

September 17, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YourDaddyJoey's Separation From Epik Products Effective Immediately YourDaddyJoey is a social media / news reporting / database archival site of far-left criminal conduct with an emphasis on Antifa and their enablers. The totality of individuals and events on the site run the spectrum of individuals who were arrested at an Antifa related event all the way to events where Antifa were engaged in murderous conduct. Tracking extremist conduct is in no way illegal. All content on YourDaddyJoey is user generated content and 100% legal. We are working around the clock to bring it back up, better than ever. Our database of photos, videos, event details is the largest in the world. But why are we down? We started YourDaddyJoey for public viewing of our research in January of 2021 with our domain register and server host We built our own servers and separated hosting shortly thereafter. has always been a domain platform that refused

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