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Colorado Death Penalty Repeal HB20-100 Heads to the House

Colorado State Senator Fields -Photo by Joey Camp 2020 Colorado State Senator Julie Gonzalez (D - Bill Sponsor) (left) -Photo by Joey Camp 2020 Colorado Senate Chambers During Debate -Photo by Joey Camp 2020 Colorado State Senator Fields -Photo by Joey Camp 2020 The above images are form the Senate Chambers during the Death Penalty Repeal Debate at the Second Reading of the Senate. Taken by Joseph "Joey" "Jojo" Camp and given explicitly without limitation to the creative commons (public domain). The Content of this Post is from Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition CCJRC Weekly 2020 Legislative Update February 3, 2020 The session is moving at such a fast and furious pace, it already feels like we’ve been at it for months. As we move into February, we don’t expect the pace to slow down. The Senate passed the repeal of the death penalty bill (SB100) 19 to 13,

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