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I Embedded Myself With the Denver Patriots - Here is That Story

I can say with certainty that there are two sets of "right-wingers" in the #DenverProtests scene. The "Proud Boys" who I was not embedded with, and the #DenverPatriots, who I was embedded with. At first the Patriots were leary of myself and my body guard. Strangers who only that day reached out to surrogates to seek permission to embed ourselves within their protests. After hours of waiting for a reply -no doubt vetting me- we got the go ahead to meet up with them at their Book Club (yes they actually have a Book Club Meeting every week or so), but we were not allowed, for their operational security, to know where they went after leaving the Book Club meet-up location at Cabelas in Lone Tree, Colorado. We were told to drive to Downtown, Denver and wait for the communication. After an hour or so, my body guard and I started to walk around and inadvertently walked right up to some self described Antifas / Black Bloc . They were only two deep, and they talked mean

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