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Joseph A. Camp for United States House of Representatives -Colorado, District 1

DENVER, Colo. (01/05/2020): Talent Manager and Felon Joseph "Joey" Camp has announced that he has now filed and will be running his campaign for United States House of Representatives -Colorado, 1st District.

Camp is already a viable candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America and United States Senate -Colorado.

By filing all three at once, Camp can decide at any time which office he desires to appear on the general election ballot of -or all three.

As a world renowned talent manager, satirical artist, and complicated felon Camp was told he would not be allowed to vote in any Colorado election because Camp is currently serving a term on parole supervision for threatening litigation against Defective Detective Mark Slavsky of the Wheat Ridge Police Department. Not to be dissuaded Camp has decided to demonstrate the stupidity of voter disenfranchisement laws in the United States by filing to be on the 2020 ballot. "It's …

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