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Joseph A. Camp's Response to Convicted Human Trafficker and Boyfriend of Tay Anderson Hashim T. Coates

Credibly Accused Pedophile Denver Public Schools District -Board of Education Member / Secretary Tay Anderson's Boyfriend and Co-Conspirator Hashim T. Coates Had A Lot A Names To Call Me During The July 14th, 2021 Press Conference. Coates has yet to point to a single instance of racism or white supremacy by myself or any of my associates. Instead, Coates, following the Anderson playbook, is playing the victim on behalf of Tay Anderson. Coates is a convicted human trafficker. Here is what Coates had to say about myself, and then immediately following you will see who Coates really is. Hashim T. Coates can say what he wants and play the victim all he wants, and call me all the defamatory statements that he wants, but at the end of the day 1) I have never been credibly accused (or even accused) of rape, pedophilia, or sexual misconduct, 2) there are no instances of racism or "white supremacy" by myself, 3) he, not I, is the one CONVICTED of attempting to shoot and murder a m

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