GPS of my Exact Location in Real Time

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Joey Camp's Real-Time GPS Location for the World



Several weeks ago, Jeremy Burns, my parole officer, accused me of not having attended a meeting that I was supposed to attend. In doing so he punished me, and yelled and screamed and cursed, and I felt threatened for my life and liberty even if he didn't directly "threaten" me, he made me emotionally distressed.

Anticipating this type of situation, since the day of my release from prison I have been logging my GPS location and having those logs sent directly to counsel for safe keeping.

In addition I designed a voice activated cell-phone recorder that needs only a spoken key word to start recording. Every meeting with anyone that I don't trust, or that I am scared of, I activate the recorder. This includes the treatment providers, referral services, and other government agent contact. I don't even need to bring the device out of my pocket. This way, if some dumb lady accuses me of something, or someone screams and yells and makes me emotionally distressed, I have a record of the TRUE and REAL events of the situation. This sucks for the liars who didn't know and created a paper trail of lies and falsehoods in violation of CRIMINAL and CIVIL law.

With this in mind, I can prove that every bit of the justification for Jeremy Burns to restrain my liberty and place me on GPS monitoring is a complete and utter LIE and retaliation against my First Amendment Right to Free Speech and to Petition.

However, since he wants to track my GPS, for speech related issues (GPS would be for violations of laws not speech), I thought it would be fun to share my GPS location for everyone to see. Now, the world can track me as I campaign for President.

If I happen to be close to your location, shoot me a message and lets hook up for coffee.

I am not going to be tethered to an Unconstitutional Restraint of my Liberty because of LIES without making a mockery of the reason and satirically render the GPS tracking useless. I am going to give my GPS to everyone now (except the logs -those are for the lawyers- just real-time tracking of me) and not just some arbitrary authority with no comprehension of the United States Constitution.

Enjoy stalking me.