Wheat Ridge Colorado Police Department's Defective Detective Mark Slavsky is a Criminal Liar

Defective Detective Mark Slavsky
Wheat Ridge Police Department's
Defective Detective Mark Slavsky
Photo Credit: Office of Victims of Crime
Wheat Ridge, Colorado Police Defective Detective Mark Slavsky is a Complete LIAR, and here is the proof.

This page is going to display all the contents of Joseph A. Camp's defense investigation material, Rule 16 material, and obtained records regarding the perjury, lies, false statements, and other criminal conduct of Detective Mark Slavsky of the Wheat Ridge, Colorado Police Department.

We will see material from internal affairs reports, compare dates and times to actual events, and hear directly from his victims -including Tristyn M. Weber (Mikki von Weber, Mikki the Mime) in never before released audio recordings of her and his conversations.

We will also explore many examples of him violating the Constitutional Rights of his victims, including threatening their friends and family, distributing personal information in an attempt to intimidate them, and attempting interrogation after they invoked Miranda Rights protections and had counsel.

This page will consistently be updated as I decide to add or include additional material.

Stay tuned.