Wheat Ridge Police Officer Brian Cook Conspires With Tristyn M. Weber to Entrap Joseph A. Camp


The Wheat Ridge Police Office Brian Cook can be seen in this video instructing Tristyn M. Weber and her mother Kimberly Y. Weber to instigate Joseph A. Camp and "call his bluff". After Camp filed suit, the Webers with the assistance of Brian Cook and Detective Mark Slavsky brought criminal charges against Camp for his lawful petitioning activities.

Unfortunately, many people were drawn into this criminal conspiracy perpetuated by the Wheat Ridge Police Department. It is time that the accused racist District Attorney for the First Judicial District Peter Weir begin investigating this criminal conduct. But of course he will not, because then he would have to also investigate Assistant District Attorney Candace Cooledge for presenting the false criminal prosecution to the court.

Unfortunately this entrapment has cost an innocent man years of pain and suffering, as well as loss of business, and reputational damage. The basis of People v. Camp: 17-cr-983 was the litigation that Brian Cook instructs the Webers to instigate. Hmmmm.

Let's not forget that Camp has successfully reversed and remanded SIX of the illegal dismissals of his civil suits, and that the Jefferson County District Court Judge that Dismissed the case did so on grounds so stupid that she should be removed from the bench. Her name is Honorable Laura Ann Tighe.

Camp went to prison for threatening LAWFUL litigation, and then WON that lawful litigation that he was charged with. Causing the entire entrapment scheme to be as fake as a talking mime.

~Joey Camp for President of the United States of America.