The Email I Didn't Send To My Parole Officer: I Live In Fear

Dear Mr. Burns,
I have a difficult time vocalizing what I am trying to say, so when I called CWISE I felt that I wasn't able to describe the issue appropriately. I know you asked me not to email you, but I wanted to ensure that I can have a proper record of my issue.
I have been offered employment, but with a prestigious outfit were appearances are important, and the building secure. It would be difficult to explain to my potential employer that I am a good candidate and employee when I have a tracking device on my ankle that will be noticeable every time I enter the building for work. This work would be as an administrative and legal secretary -the field of my certification. The pay would be about $17 to start with benefits and raise opportunities.
I was told not to work with my former employee because the device is noticable when I am wearing my suits and especially when I sit down. My suits are custom tailored and would be difficult to replace.
I have complied with everything you have asked me to. The State of Colorado has opened an investigation into the unlicensed practice and instruction of the groups that I was sent to, after Crystal, Nancy and Marcela lied to you in multiple emails -before they knew that I recorded the calls.
I have attended the replacement intake sessions as you instructed me -as referred by Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems (RMOMS). I have the follow up with both the insane idea for psychiatric evaluation (based on the unlicensed recommendation of Crystal McCubbin -whose only credential for Domestic Violence is a free class online that is no longer even offering updated versions of the course, from Alaska (which was never valid in Colorado) and the Domestic Violence group intake. I follow up the psychiatric evaluation on March 19, 2019 at 10:00 am, and the Domestic Violence eval/intake on March 12, 2019 at 10:00 am. I have also met with a private psychiatric evaluator as well as a private counselor. I continue to work with the counselor.

In addition, I have been receiving coaching from _________________ (copied here), as well as many other professionals whom are helping me with my career, life and personal development.
I have turned control over the branded social media, website, email accounts, and all accounts connected to the Presidential Campaign (which is getting a lot of attention) to a third party. The public is permitted to submit content to the social media, email, and website in the same manner that the public can post on any social media site. The Political Action Committee that runs the branded accounts will post as they desire, as I no longer have control over the content, design, etc. the public can post as well without censorship, or identifiable traits -that is anyone can post anonymously, or with a by-line, its up to them. They simply email what they want to and the content is immediately posted. This is all lawful and protected speech.
Any communication with the attorney for my ex has been restricted to the appeals and legal issues. Even though there are no laws or rules or violations for emailing mean spirited letters (i.e. using foul language) that content has been censored from any of my communications.
As you know I have filed a complaint against Crystal McCubbin that included but not limited to the following issues: 1) unlicensed instruction of a DV group, 2) refusal to provide me a copy of my records -in violation of HIPAA, 3) disseminating my personal health information to third parties without my consent after I revoked consent in writing 4) lying to a public sevant (you) 5) falsifying official records (including emails).
I also filed complaint against Marcela Paiz (who has already had numerous complaints founded against her) for a series of issues to include 2 - 5 above.

I also filed a complaint against IDEA Forume for the unlicensed recommendations of individual sessions, and other conduct.
After I was retaliated against by Crystal and Marcela in the form of them lying more (still didn't know I had recorded all the conversations) I filed a retaliation complaint.
In addition to these, I filed a discrimination complaint against IDEA Forums for refusing to accommodate my learning disability. The only way I can understand something is to ask questions - a lot of questions. As a treatment provider they should have been okay with me seeking minimal accomadations, but were not.
I also filed a retaliation civil rights complaint against Crystal, Marcela, and IDEA for lying in emails and possibly in CWISE about me.
*By me (or I), I mean that my attorney has filed these on my behalf.
It is clear that I was sent to a treatment provider that has a long history of violating people's rights, lying to parole and probation officers and other conduct. The fault is not on me. The recordings show that I was never aggressive, finished all their paperwork as instructed, and merely asked simple questions (not even that many) and was demeaned, and disrespected the entire time. These recordings have been provided to the state to contridict the emails sent to you, which you took as truth.
I am happy to be in the new setting for my treatment. While I was there, I felt welcomed, and felt the environment was professional. I didn't even record the contact because immediately the place had a better vibe.
Your recommendation for "work" is labor stuff that isn't a career. The employment that I am seeking is a career.
There is literally nothing and no reason to be restraining me with a tracking device when the fault is not on me -rather on the recorded LIARS. It is clear that I am being retaliated as a result of my lawful speech, my petitioning activities, and my formal administrative level complaint against IDEA and staff.
I have complied and excelled with everything and all the pressures you have placed on me. I have listened to you scream and yell at me, causing me emotional and physical distress. I live in fear of you. I fear going to your office because you screamed and yelled at me and accuse me of conduct I know I was innocent of (i.e. the conduct at IDEA Forums).
I have to ask questions. I can't retain information without doing so. I have to micro-understand the issues. This is a disability -one that is recognized by the mental health boards. Yet, I fear asking questions because the first day I met you you scream at me for "debating" you.
I am literally in fear of you. Your restraints have cost me employment, may cost me my living situation. You refuse to get beside me and watch me better myself -instead you place barriers on me, and when I excel and meet those you add more. I fear you will trump up a violation against me, refuse to hear me out, refuse to let me grow as a person.
I believe that the pressures you are asserting over me are also because of my political activities. My stance against parole, the incarceration on non-violent offenders, my position against the detective who LIED which have been proven on my pro se petitionings to the Colorado Court of Appeals. I believe that you are placing these restraints on me because I have a voice and my message is received by tens of thousands of people.
I have obtained a certification in Legal Secretary, I have obtained several certifications in other areas, I have worked, obtained affordable housing. RMOMS, not me, sent me to the wrong place (yet you yell at me for that), then they sent me to a bunch of LIARS who are shady, have a history of shady and fraudulent dealings, and they LIED to you -before they knew that I LAWFULLY recorded the conversations (HIPAA permits the client to disseminate any aspect of treatment at anytime (i never recorded another client, just the staff), and Colorado is a one-party consent state which means that the recordings were lawful.
I have been living in fear of the day that you, or one of your staff will come and kick in my door and shoot me, arrest me, or beat me up, or trump up a violation. You are already using lawful conduct (you may not like the speech, but you admit that the speech is lawful) to justify your tracking device.
In addition, I have my medical records and years of drug test results that show that I have never done drugs in my life. I don't understand how you can justify placing me on random drug tests. You and your supervisor say that it "shouldn't be an issue then" but when I went to the drug test site it took them 3 hours to get me in. That IS AN ISSUE. It is a waste of my time. I could have been studying, filling out applications, or any number of other productive things, but I was sitting in a waiting with for nearly three hours while they skipped me numerous times ("by mistake").
I live in fear that you, your supervisor, your co-workers, or someone will violate me for a trumped up violation because I have a voice, and my voice is being heard. You conduct towards me has been 100 times worse than any conduct that I have done. I have always been professional, soft spoken, and accomadated EVERY unreasonable demand you placed on me -because when I tried to mend the advancement of my career, my education, my life, with parole demands for treatment I was treated in a manner that made me feel threatened (even if no "threats" were made, you position of authority and that of your co-workers and supervisors make it clear that you will simply trump something up if I try to make something work that is reasonable with my in place schedule.)
You forced me to cancel work and class because you didn't have "confirmation" from IDEA that I attended their evaluation. I spent the day trying to get ahold of you, but ultimately had to tell my boss that I wasn't able to make it. You eventually called me to tell me that the mistake was on IDEA and that I did attend their session, but by that time I had already canceled and my employer had already replaced my shift.
I live in fear of a trumped up violation or charge. I have literally NO FAULT in the IDEA place lying to you, and THANK GOD I recorded those conversations because I wouldn't have been able to prove to the State that they were lying. I take ownership of my disrespectful communications in the appeal stuff, but that communication, as much as it is disrespectful, is lawful, and protected speech.
My social media is impactful, and gets a lot of attention, and my satirical candidacy for president has been reported on already by major media. I have been invited to Washington DC later this year by the ACLU to speak about my desire to vote, and other issues, when they introduce legislation to restore voting rights to felons and parolees on a federal level. I have been working with Reform Alliance and have recorded my story in audio form for them about why I believe that probation and parole should not exists. I understand these are topics that the "system" hates, but these are proper and lawful speech. I intend to continue my political speech until change happens.
Everyone knows that I live in fear of you, and your supervisor and others. Dana from RMOMS is recorded as saying that she doesn't believe that I even need to take a domestic violence class "just take the stupid class to satisfy parole".
I merely want to begin my career in the administrative and legal secretary position and by having this tracking device when I have done nothing to deserve it, it costing me financially, and is costing me time, and causing me social problems.
I know this is long, I apologize for the email, but I don't know what or if the people at CWISE are writing. I have a hard time vocalizing my thoughts, and I feel a written record of my objections is safer because of my fear of you retaliated against me further to trump up a violation when there is none, or when I have done nothing I was accused of, or I was accused of lawful conduct.
You will probably kick in my door, or wait until I see you next to violate me because of this email (but you will claim that I did something else or make something up). I am that scared of you.
Joseph A. Camp
@CampJosephA (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)