Jonathon P. Woodley Wants to Legalize Police Domestic Violence and Abuse

I don't align with ANY party, or candidate. I don't communicate with them. I don't care about them, if they are running a professional and honest campaign. If they are liars, then I will troll them for the fun of trolling them. The lies from James Woodley, and family imply that I do. This is simply not true. Please feel free to leave a comment on Mr. James Woodley's Facebook page, since he has thrusted himself into public comment and thus made himself subject of public debate.

Jonathon P. Woodley is in support of un-handcuffing Denver Police Officers, so that they can continue to commit their crimes without any public inquiry into their conduct. In fact Jonathon P. Woodley wants to remove any public oversight into the abuse and misconduct of the Denver Police Department. Why? Because he takes a lot of political favor from the Denver Police Department.

You can pretty much say anything under the New York Times Rule, the Snyder v. Phelps rule, and the First Amendment -not to mention the Knight First Amendment Institute v. Donald J. Trump. Since Mr. Woodley can pretty much also say what he wants to say, even if it is completely incorrect and unethical.

For individual cop loving tools like Jonathon P. Woodley -who likes little girls and boys- there is no place for him in District 9 government.

My question for everyone is, with the history of Denver Police Department's misconduct -including rape, murder, abuse, fraud, lies, constitutional violations, etc. do we really want to give them more money and "un-handcuff" a bunch of murderers?

Do you want to see more Denver Police doing this type of stuff to blacks, browns, spanish, natives, etc.?

Please copy and paste and share this article with your page to expose this scumbag Jonathon P. Woodley once and for all.

~Joey Camp 2020 for President of the United States of America.