Feeling Cute Newz Announces Intent to File Suit Against Republican Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert for NOTHING
As you know Lauren Boebert and her lol campaign for Untied States Congress -Colorado District 3, has taken to lies and libel against Joey Camp and his campaign. In response Joseph A. Camp -a credentialed member of the media and founder of Feeling Cute Newz- intends to redress this issue in court.

Camp's draft suit seeks money damages as well of a retraction of the falsehoods and a permenent injunction against Lauren Boebert and her campaign to restrain them from continued future defamatory statements and attempts to chill his rights to report on topics of public interest and persons intending to obtain public office.

You can read the full suit here.

How can we trust Lauren Boebert to uphold the United States Constitution when she attempts to lie against and chill the speech of credentialed member of the media?

~Nicole, publicist for Joey Camp 2020.