I Embedded Myself With the Denver Patriots - Here is That Story

I can say with certainty that there are two sets of "right-wingers" in the #DenverProtests scene. The "Proud Boys" who I was not embedded with, and the #DenverPatriots, who I was embedded with.

At first the Patriots were leary of myself and my body guard. Strangers who only that day reached out to surrogates to seek permission to embed ourselves within their protests. After hours of waiting for a reply -no doubt vetting me- we got the go ahead to meet up with them at their Book Club (yes they actually have a Book Club Meeting every week or so), but we were not allowed, for their operational security, to know where they went after leaving the Book Club meet-up location at Cabelas in Lone Tree, Colorado. We were told to drive to Downtown, Denver and wait for the communication.

After an hour or so, my body guard and I started to walk around and inadvertently walked right up to some self described Antifas / Black Bloc. They were only two deep, and they talked mean. The male had a knife and the female originally started the exchange by yelling my name and with the male presenting a threatening demeanor. While the male was waving his knife, I started being assertive and getting back in their faces to motivate them to put her knife away and in self defense. In the full video  not linked here, you can hear the female discussing her intent on provoking and antagonizing the #DenverPatriots just before she starts her encounter with me at the 34 minute mark on the long YouTube video. At the time of this encounter my body guard and I were by ourselves, minding our own business and the Antifa / Black Bloc two were with live streamer who captured the encounter but never putting the camera on their cowardly faces -which is okay. We have the footage from my own cameras. 

A misleading timely cropped video clip of the live stream was posted, leaving out the moments leading up to the interaction, by criminal terrorist thug Denver School Board Secretary Tay Anderson hoping to continue his false narratives, clout chasing, and victim mentality for his criminal base. Fortunately there is a full account available here.

Unbeknownst to me, the Patriots saw that Antifa folk's aggression on their live stream and being in our faces and I back in their's in self defense. Within moments, out of no where, the Patriots were right there, all of them making sure I was okay. It was a blessing, I must admit, because I didn't want the knife to escalate into me being stabbed. I have never been violent with anyone in my life, but knives, guns, clubs, and other weapons have been used on me by these radical left Antifa folks regularly in recent days and I am frankly tired of it, and welcomed some support.

After the Antifa goons ran away and the Patriot group started moving on, I thought I would be in some trouble with the Patriots for arriving early without notice, instead one of their spokespersons came up to us on the street and said "you guys are okay to stay with us. We came here to get you. We saw the confrontation as it were on the Antifa live stream." And we walked with them.

For several passes around the Capitol Building, we saw nothing except a lone individual who was stalking the group. Though completely out numbering the lone individual, the group simply continued to walk, and didn't even bother to confront the individual who was tracking the group so obviously. Instead they simply kept eyes on him and kept walking peacefully.

The uneventful night turned a little scary when, as we were heading to the our vehicle, which was by coincidence parked close to the Patriot's vehicles location, I was specifically targeted by the Proud Boys -who were not a part of the Patriots. The Proud Boys at some point unknown to me, joined with the Patriots without invitation. They were told that I was "Antifa" by one of the literal Antifa folks themselves. Fortunately, I had gained the trust and confidence of the Patriots and several of the Patriots came to talk to the Proud Boys. The confusion was one that, by "reputation" and false narrative of the Proud Boys and Patriots could have caused me to be attacked, however, though frightened I was, because of how Antifa has treated me on a regular basis -knives, guns, clubs, and other weapons and threats- the Proud Boys did not immediately resort to violence or emotionally distressing antics. My body guard did not feel at any time I was in danger, though I was scared given my history with how Antifa has treated me in the past.

After some clarification and proof that I wasn't Antifa, literally all of the Proud Boys hugged me -awkward for sure. They apologized profusely, shook hands and we went our separate ways.

I was embedded with the Patriots, not the Proud Boys. These are two distinct groups being lumped together by Tay Anderson in an effort to stigmatize, defame and incite violence and riots using "fighting words" and dog whistle calls to his pathetic and violent base on social media.

Denver School District Secretary Tay Anderson Taunting Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

What I saw with the Patriots was clear. I saw actual peaceful protesters who were organized, patient and who were willing to take a risk with an unknown individual and let me embed myself with them, in a manner no other reporter is willing or capable of doing -because most mainstream media is a bunch of cowards. Legitimately, if there is anything that unites the Left and Right it is the untrustworthiness of the mainstream media.

While I was embedded there were no rioting, in fact aside from my skirmish with the Antifa Two there were no disputes at all. 

Before deciding to call it a night this refrain was almost universal from the Patriots:

"Welp, I guess you won't be getting any content tonight JoJo."

"That's okay." I shrugged.

"It's better than okay, if we can go home and nothing has been destroyed and no-one from either side has been injured or hurt, it's great."

The Patriots seemed, to this Independent Reporter, to care about each other, about others they passed on the street, and the United States. There was no prejudiced displayed by any of these individuals. No overheard conversation between them of a negative or aggressive nature.

If only Antifa and the Patriots could actual sit down for dialogue. What they might find is mutual ways to accomplish goals and achieve a level of peace within the Denver, Colorado community that has never been fathomable due to seemingly influential individuals such as Tay Anderson hijacking the narrative their/his own personal agenda and future political advancements (see: Tay Anderson Files). Not to mention their own personal GoFundMe accounts that see upticks in donations and contributions every time they wave their false narratives.

I'm more than confident that if any Antifa were injured or needed help, they would not be in harm's way because of the Patriots. In fact, I am 100% confident that the Patriots would have stepped in and provided actual, trained, medical assistance or protection to ANYONE in need of it.