I Worked At Aurora, Colorado COVID Emergency COVID-19 Respite Center. Here is what I know.

Note the Text on the Blue Tape on the Printer (Photo: MHBH)
Right to Left: Bob Dorshimer, Mayor Mike Coffman, MHBHC Colleague Katrina Muther.

From April 6th, 2020 until the day I was fired on July 11, 2020 by CEO of Milehigh Behavioral Healthcare Bob Dorshimer because public elected official racist pedophile rapist lying communist child human sex trafficker deadbeat dad and violent thug Tay Anderson pressured him into cancel culture I worked for the Aurora Emergency Respite Center at the Quality Inn in Aurora, Colorado.

I was forced to sign disclaimers and separation of employment contracts, however, I revoked my position pursuant to the terms of that agreement within the time frame allotted and CEO Bob never bothered to follow up with it.

Email sent to Bob Dorshimer Revoking Separation Contract. A copy was also sent via United States Postal Service.

I developed the database, spreadsheets, and record keeping systems for the entire Aurora Emergency Respite Center and therefore I own the sheet and it's contents.

The following document is a PDF of the final sheet that I had access to before being canned. It is legally mine. I did not steal it, I did not "hack" it, I did not otherwise illegally come into possession of it. My former employer is fully aware that I have the sheet -we exchanged texts, emails, and at least one meeting with my attorney present in person. The only portion of the sheet that I censored was the medical log-in / password section. Any HIPPA violations and lawsuits can be sent to MileHigh Behavioral Healthcare care-of CEO Bob Dorshimer.

Of note in this document is the Aurora ICE Detention Center releases who were releasing arrested and charged inmates who were "high risk" or "COVID-19 positive" via a non-profit Casa de Paz to spend what was supposed to be the 2 week quarantine however, after a single night in most cases we never saw them again, but were told not to enter them into this sheet as "AWOL" because someone from Casa de Paz would pick them up in the middle of the night and they would disappear.

Also of note, are the numerous Colorado half-way houses that sent their alcoholic, drug addicted and many times violent offenders to the same hotel.

This emergency respite center also took referrals from Children's Hospital, UC Health, and all the Denver metro area hospitals.

It was not unusual for us to find guests in other guest's rooms, walking to the stores and gas stations without a mask -I strongly suspect that the Aurora Emergency Respite Center was the cause of the Walmart outbreak -which saw the death of 3 employees- after one of the guests continued to go there -only a few blocks away- to get alcohol and cigarettes.

What we also saw, even during this period, which I brought to my supervisors attention, was the repeated referrals for the same person -who supposedly contracted COVID-19 more than once.

Also noteworthy is how Bob Dorshimer's MileHigh Behavioral Healthcare made almost $1,000,000 while the Emergency Respite Center was operational, by allowing non-COVID-19 positive individuals like the Michael Walker who was one of the first "COVID-19" cases (April 6th, 2020) and didn't leave until the program was discontinued after I left.

Another personal issue with this was that everything you see on the desk in this photo -except the computer on the left in the image- I personally purchased and was told I would be reimbursed for, but then was forced to sign a "in-kind contribution" form that was tax-deductible. The total was over $1,500.

Although Mayor Mike Coffman himself says that the hospitals were being overran with COVID-19 patients, what you will see if that at no point did we have more than 50 guests at the center -mostly less than 20, and of them less than 50% were COVID-19 positive. (See his Tweet below)

There is so much more.

Releasing this sheet puts me in extreme danger. Please consider a contribution to support my work at www.joey.camp.